Why Rockport is Banned to Kitesurfers.

Why is Rockport beach and ski basin at Rockport, Tx Banned to Kitesurfing? After meeting with the authorities in charge of the Rockport beach and park, I am sadden to say that Rockport beachrockport 004 and park is BANNED to KITEBOARDING indefinitely from spring break until 1 week after Labor Day. Why? the main reason is kiteboarders not following the sports established rules and guidelines and here are the incidents recorded by the park officials. 1. Kiteboarders using the swimmers (children) as a slalom course. 2. Kiteboarders not weighing down kites and allowing them to become airborne and crash into families. (this happened more than once) 3. Kiteboarder releasing kite onto the highway crashing into a motorcyclist causing him to crash and be injured. 4. Kiteboarders crashing kites in the Federal Bird Sanctuary and then going into the Sanctuary to retrieve the kites. (happened more than once) 5. Kiteboarder losing control of kite and releasing kite into the power lines taking out power to Rockport for hours. (kiteboarder was such an ass that he has been given a criminal trespass) Here is the good part the Park Officials tried to be proactive and educate the kiteboarders to follow basic safety rules and most of them did, however a few of them cussed the Officials and continued to “do as we please”. The word Arrogant was used many times when referencing ¬†kiteboarders. The Park Officials say only a few kiteboarders caused all kiteboarders to be BANNED. So if you go kiteboarding at Rockport beach or ski basin during the BAN then you will be asked to leave and given a criminal trespass. Signs are made and will be posted. Why is kiteboarding BANNED at Rockport because we as kiters did nothing and said nothing to stop and educate a few bad kiters. To those kiters that caused this to happen I wish you would just leave this state and never come back.

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  1. Thanks for the info, what a shame that idiots can ruin a great place and force the officials to ban a great thing.

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