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Kitesurfing Texas would like to take this time to introduce 3 Texas Talent kiteboarding stars to the kiting community.  Jennifer Friday of Dallas, TX.,  Matt Bayazitoglulowwinners of Dallas, TX., and Joe Megeed of Houston, TX.  These local riders represented the Texas kiting community at the Lord of the Wind contest in Baja. For starting to kite in 2011 and being her first event, Jennifer Friday rocked the competition by taking 1st in Big Air, 2nd in Course Racing, 3rd in Slalom Racing.  Jennifer was crowned Lady of the Wind with a 1st place overall win. Up side down2jennStarting to kite in 2011 and being the only foil boarder in his area, Matt Bayazitoglu took 5th in course Racing and 6th in Freestyle. The veteran kiter in the trio, Joe Megeed, started kiting  in 2002 on 2 line kites.  Taking a break for family and work, mattbJoe returned to kiting and took 8th in Course Racing in Baja.  Jennifer, Matt and Joe took a break from the cold and went to Baja for vacation where they happened upon the event and entered the Lord of the Wind competition,  for fun.   They represented and displayed the strength that Texas is known for.   These Texas kiters overcame seasoned pros and young guns and claimed the podium for themselves, the kiting community and Texas. joemegeed Let’s all give them a well deserved shout out for their accomplishments and representing Texas and the kiting community.  Well done and Congratulations Jennifer, Matt and Joe!

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