Why take Lessons

Before you go kiteboarding, the Kite Surfing Texas Kite Boarding Association strongly recommends that you take lessons from a certified instructor that is insured to instruct you safely. Taking a lesson from a certified instructor will help you to get into the sport faster, more skilled and safer.

Why take Lessons?

1. Don’t hurt yourself or others. Qualified instructors have developed lessons that will guarantee a positive, injury free learning experience.

2. Save money. It’s often more expensive to learn on your own. Why trash your new equipment? You can use the school’s kites, boards, bars,etc.

3. Knock your learning curve in half. Instructors show students safe shortcuts and get riders up to speed more efficiently.

4. Tap into experience. Most schools have worked with thousands of students and can easily assess and address bad techniques to set you on the right track.

5. Get educated about equipment. Schools are a great place to learn about the multitude of gear options available and which equipment is best suited for you.

6. Score a discount. Many schools have deals set up with shops and manufacturers. That way, when you are ready to buy your equipment, you will know you are getting a fair price.

7. Enjoy the positive experience. You will have fun and learn in a safe, nurturing environment.

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