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Established in 2002, The Kite Surfing Texas Kite Boarding Association (formally the Central Texas Kite Boarding Association) was created to help promote safe and responsible kiteboarding and to protect the access of kiteboarders at public beaches and waters.  A non-profit association Kite Surfing Texas provides a network of information and support so that kiteboarders can safely kite in all the places Texas has to offer.  Kite Surfing Texas encourages all members to responsibly and respectfully follow the sports established safety guidelines and rules to ensure that the sport of Kiteboarding continues to thrive.

Kitesurfing Texas Kiteboarding Association Officers.

Richard West – President

Don Holley, Paul Pearce – Vice President

Silke West, Jennifer Friday – Secretary

Tommy Johnson, Christian West – Spokesperson/Historian

Contact us at: rlwest78387@gmail.com

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