Kite Surfing Texas Kite Boarding Association or KST is passionate about kiteboarding and we want to help you to be safe when kiteboarding at Kiteboarding Launch Sites around Texas.  From the Beach to the Lake, whether visiting, just learning or a local kiteboarder, rules apply at most Texas kiteboarding launch sites.  No matter if you are a beginner or advanced kiteboarder find out what rules or guidelines are established at your launch site. Please join us and help us to keep kiteboarding access open in Texas. Join the KST Forum and let us know about your adventure, new trick, launch site or kiteboarding story and kiteboard Safe, Responsible and Free. SafeYou must ride with a kite safety system, ResponsibleStand up speak up about unsafe situations, FreeRip, shred and send it. Please do not endanger the public or kiteboarding access.